Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Professional Offices in Residential Buildings

In urban centers in India, lot of residential buildings have professional office or commercial shops on the ground floor.

Most of the residents object to this and though the objection to commercial shops seems to be valid due to the constant noise, flow of people and reduced access to the building, the same cannot be said about professional offices.

There are so many advantages of having a professional office below residential buildings. The main advantage is security.

In urban centers, there are so many violent crimes against senior citizens in the afternoon. This is because with able bodied people are work, the building is defenseless. If there is an office in the building, there are always people around and it would be difficult to target such buildings. Offices also generally have their own security which in turn protects all the building occupants.

The office will help maintain the building and gardens in the building and they may also be willing to contribute more towards the maintenance of the building saving the occupants money.

Offices in residential area will provide jobs to locals which also makes it a 'green' option since commuting is reduced.

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