Saturday, November 29, 2008

Follow up on Terror attacks in Mumbai on 26/11

After the Mumbai terror attacks, all of us as citizens of Mumbai, India and also others in the world who are fond of this city are wondering what is to be done.

We fear that after the same platitudes that the Government is used to giving us, things will get back to normal and nothing will be done. How do we change this.

We are also to blame because we are all arm chair critics and don't get involved. But how do we get involved? I have been thinking of this and I figured that the way to at least start the process is to hold the government responsible. To this goal, we can start monitoring what the Government is doing and also not doing in this respect.

Its been a really terrible tragedy, so lets not at least forget it this time. Let us get out of the slumber of 15 years after the '93 attacks.

I have a few issues that I can think of right off the bat:
  • Why did it take 9 hours for the NSG to arrive. Shouldn't NSG commandos be posted in all the important cities, especially a city like Mumbai. Why was the NSG plane in Chandigarh?
  • Why were senior officers summoned to go to the field rather than directing the effort from a control center?
  • There were warnings of a sea attack and granted there must be many such warnings but couldn't a pro-active approach been taken and the fishermen trained to spot and report strange happenings?
    When there is a warning in effect, shouldn't the disappearance of a crew (Kubera) be treated extremely suspicously?
  • Should the investigation of past attacks be handled by an agency other than the ATS? The ATS was too busy investigating past attacks where a few people were killed rather than keeping their eyes on future attacks
  • We have not heard of a single minister in the state or central government held accountable. The home minister was not even summoned to a meeting by the PM. Shouldn't he be sacked, since even the Government doesn't have faith in him any longer
Let's all keep a watch on the media and see what they do in terms of follow up.

Day 7 - India Today Group will follow up on terror war, so for now I can suspend this. Lets see what the India Today Group does: after 5 pm. today

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Madhavi said...

Yes, Home minister resigns but is replaced by P. Chidambaram!! Is there such a dire shortage of capable and efficient ministers??