Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mumbai 26/11 Terror Attacks - What do we do next?

After the Mumbai terror attacks Indians and peaceful citizens in all countries are angry.

We have thought of different ways of protest, candle lit marches, not paying taxes, etc.

Yes, these do have their place but will they really make long term changes. No?

The only way to change things is to uproot the existing political system.

To jump start this, we can form a formidable force on the Internet. We need to have one place where people can congregate and even decide to vote a certain way.

We need educated, intelligent, committed men to enter politics. Its going to be a long road but somebody has to start somewhere. We need volunteers and we need to support these volunteers to help get them elected.

It is an extremely uphill battle, but we have to start somewhere.

Lets take the nation and the world back.

This is what we can have as a charter for politicians:
  • Protect lives of citizens at all costs. No excuse for killing innocents. NO linking of terrorism to issues.
  • Monitoring of all religious institutions for violent propaganda
  • Complete transparency in Governance
  • Zero tolerance of corruption
  • Secularism means equal treatment of all and no mention of caste, creed or religion. Immediate disqualification on use of religious material in elections
  • Transparency on transfers and postings of bureaucrats and police officers.
  • Concerted action to deport illegal immigrants
  • Tracking of people with secessionist views

We can start with identification of leaders who would be willing to volunteer their time in your immediate circle.

Suggestion of more issues are welcome but an effort is to be made to keep this list concise and focused.

Please invite as many people as possible to sign up for this post. Email all your friends.

Remember that unless we get involved in the democratic process and movements translate to votes, nothing will happen.

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